Imprecation 2

by torus

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Cassette version of this release with full-color artwork available from

Dynamo Sound Collective:

Torus is Adam MacGregor (Microwaves, Creation Is Crucifixion, Conelrad, Brown Angel). Cold, plodding electronics and drum machines for the wretches bringing to mind the sounds of similar artists such as Bastard Noise, SPK, Wolf Eyes and Kevin Drumm. Noise that paces itself like a good rock album.

Crucial Blast:

Torus is another musical project from Adam MacGregor, who has played in a bunch of Pittsburgh extreme music outfits like Brown Angel, Microwaves, Conelrad and Creation Is Crucifixion. He's working solo with Torus, though, and it's a much different sound that he's created on this cassette tape from Dynamo Sound; blending together deformed bass guitar, broken-down rhythms and decomposing electronics, Torus produces a heavier take on the primitive industrial of SPK and Throbbing Gristle, and is comparable to some of Wolf Eyes more grinding material.

Imprecation 2 begins with the relentless pounding plod of a drum machine splattered with spastic electronic noise, and proceeds to pile on squealing feedback and garbled digital slop, smears of crackle and hiss and distorted blurt oozing from damaged synthesizers, blasts of bass-heavy whir and machine grind with these really strange sounding robotic vocal mutterings. It's bleak and heavy and relentless, a fractured dirge formed from the sound of factory machinery slowly degrading and crumbling around a monotonous black pulse.

On the other side, a slower bass pulse begins to rumble underneath looped distorted vocals, rhythmic blocks of static and high frequency electronics, and bat-like shrieks flutter against bursts of extreme high-frequency sine-wave abuse, all set against a backdrop of constant crackling static and heavily distorted synth rumble. After awhile, the track reconfigures itself into a pounding machine groove, a hissing pneumatic throb from a distorted kick drum pushing through streaks of feedback, squealing tape noise and other electronic detritus that forms into a cloud of swarming sound, later introducing a heavy bass guitar chord that lumbers through the increasingly violent and turbulent electronics.


released January 22, 2011

torus: imprecation 2

dedicated to k. hague: commissioner of ruin, defiler of futures.

recorded feb - may 2010 @ lost tundra 4-track studio, southside, pittsburgh, pa.

torus is adam macgregor
(electronics, vocals, editing).

kind thanks to d. kuzy, s. french, r. emmett, g. felice.

Cover painting, insert lettering: Gabe Felice

Originally released on C-20 cassette on Dynamo Sound Collective ( as D!SC31




torus Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Launched in 1997, torus is an ongoing experimental sound project of Adam MacGregor (Brown Angel/Conelrad/Microwaves/Creation is Crucifixion). Through the use of compact, home-built electronics, detritus, and tape loops with minimal processing, torus presents textures influenced by early industrial/noise and electroacoustic music.

See soundcloud for complete discography.
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